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Searching Business Entity Names Helpful Search Tips    1. The user is responsible for searching for both singular and plural versions of a name. For example, if you are searching for “Red Wagons” be sure to search the singular form of the name, too. If either name is found, the name is not available.   2. The name availability search disregards spaces, punctuation and capitalization. 3. When you receive search results, those results might include records with a status of “Inactive ‐ Administratively Dissolved” or “Inactive ‐ Revoked.” The name of an entity for which the status is Inactive is available if the sub‐status is “Archived.” 4. What is distinguishable? In most cases, distinguishable is as simple as a letter or number which makes a name different than an existing record. However, there are some words that are not considered distinguishable.

Non‐distinguishable words include:

  •  “A”
  •  “The”
  •  “And”
  •  “&”
  •  Punctuation
  •  Plural forms of words
  •  Company designations such as “LLC”, “Inc.”, “Company”, “Co” etc.

For example:  The name “A Civil Injustice LLC” would be considered the same as “A Civil Injustice Inc.”

Partialy quoted from https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingSearch.aspx