Wyoming Corporation Filing

Wyoming Corporation Filing

Corporation Filing

Wyoming Corporation filing for your new business is as easy as 1-2-3 with a registered agents incorporation service.

With Corporation online filing, an agent can have your Corporation to you in MINUTES!  No more waiting long days for a Wyoming Corporation to be filed.  Find a low price that includes the state required filing fee of $102 and the first year of Wyoming registered agent service.


Corporation Formation Includes

  • The Filed Articles of Incorporation (Includes the state fee of $102) – The Articles of Incorporation are put together with the state required instructions.  They are required to file a new Corporation with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Business Division.
  • The Filed Certificate of Incorporation (Issued by the Wyoming Secretary of State) – After the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Business Division files the Articles of Incorporation, they issue a Certificate of Incorporation as proof of the corporations filing.
  • Incorporator Signature – Although you can file online, a “signature” is required.  The Incorporator is the person or company filing the Articles of Incorporation.  Unless you want your name listed on public record that is accessible online, have Wyoming Registered Agent sign as the Incorporator.  Or Organizer for an LLC.
  • Wyoming Address Use



Wyoming Corporation Calendar Compliance

In order to keep your Wyoming Corporation active with the Wyoming Secretary of State, you must file an annual report every year.  Your agent should notify you in advance when your Wyoming annual report is due by email.  Never miss an important deadline again.  If you do not maintain a registered agent in Wyoming for your Wyoming Corp or Wyoming LLC, the company will be shut down due to a No Agent status.  This will never happen with a good Wyoming registered agent.  Utilize our client online account for your business maintenance and never be left in the dark.


Wyoming Corporation Articles of Incorporation

Wyoming Corporation Articles of Incorporation is a document used to file for a new Wyoming Corp.  You can add as many additional articles that you desire, but there always must be a certain few according to the Wyoming State Statutes on a Corporation.  You must list the following in your Articles of Incorporation for a Wyoming Corp :

  1. The Name of the Corporation.
  2. The Registered Agent and Agent Address.
  3. The Mailing Address.
  4. The Principal Office.
  5. Number of Shared of Stock.
  6. Value of Each Share.
  7. The Classification of the Stock. (Common, Preferred or Both)
  8. The Incorporator and Contact Information

Keep your name off of public record with our Corporation formation service.  When forming a Corporation, your registered agent should utilize the online filing system at the Wyoming Secretary of States website seen here: https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/RegistrationInstr.aspx.  After the Corporation is filed online, the website will automatically generate the filed Articles into a PDF for downloading.

Use a registered agent to file the corporation.



Corporation Name

The name of a Wyoming Corporation is not required to have a marker like an LLC.  Where “Cool New Business, LLC” must have “LLC” or similar marker at the end, the Corporation “Cool New Business” does not need to say INC Corp or other marker at the end of the name.


Wyoming Registered Agent

The registered agent for a Wyoming Corporation must be located in Wyoming to accept any process of service or other legal documents.  The registered agent for a Corporation can not be located at a PO Box.  There are plenty of people that have registered agent corporations that are out of state.  They pay an employee to sit at an office all day in Wyoming.  Be aware of these types of businesses.  Make sure you get a registered agent that will pay attention to your Wyoming business.


Wyoming Corporation Mailing Address

The mailing address listed for a Corporation in Wyoming can be at any location.  The address does not have to be in Wyoming.  This is a common misconception.  Most people use the Wyoming registered agent address to stay private in the public eye.  Anyone can look up a Wyoming Corporation and see the addresses and Incorporator for the Corporation.  Have our address in Wyoming listed on the Articles of Incorporation instead of putting your private address online for anyone to see.


Wyoming Corporation Incorporator

The Incorporator of a Corporation in Wyoming is the party that puts together the Articles of Incorporation, signs the paperwork and submits it to the Wyoming Secretary of State for processing of a new business filing.  We will use our Wyoming Registered Agent name to keep you private and show a professional appearance online.  Anyone can see the Incorporator of your Corporation by looking up the Wyoming entity online.  Keep your information private by having an agent in Wyoming incorporate for you.


Wyoming Corporation Advantages

  • Limited liability ‐ no shareholder, officer or director may be held liable for debts of the corporation unless corporate law was breached.
  • Capital generation ‐ may sell common or preferred stock, issue bonds, borrow money, mortgage assets, or contract for many types of financing.
  • Continuity of life ‐ the entity exists forever so long as corporate regulations are met. No need to wind up operations if an owner or manager dies.
  • Ease of ownership transfer ‐ the assets may be sold, transferred, pledged, or mortgaged simply by using stock.
  • Centralized management ‐ practical control of business is performed by officers at the direction of the board of directors. Control is vested in majority ownership.

“Wyoming Corporation Advantages” outline provided by https://soswy.state.wy.us/Forms/Publications/ChoiceIsYours.pdf