Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Registered Agent Services

Wyoming registered agent service for an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Corporation located in Wyoming.  Wyoming registered agent services for a low price are offered by Wyoming Registered Agent.  Make sure you get what you pay for.  A new Wyoming Limited Liability Company is filed very quickly with online filing.  LLC packages includes the Articles of Organization, Certificate, Internal Resolutions, Registered Agent and free mail forwarding. Obtain Wyoming registered agent service by ordering a new company formation package, ordering registered agent service to file on your own or order a change of Wyoming registered agents to switch registered agents to another registered agent.  There is a sea of registered agents.  Research different agents and find which one is best for you.  We will pledge 100% satisfaction if you decide to hire Wyoming Registered Agent.

Wyoming Corp $199

  • State Fee Paid
  • Registered Agent Paid
  • Free Mail Forwarding

Wyoming LLC $199

  • State Fee Paid
  • Registered Agent Paid
  • Free Mail Forwarding

Registered Agent $99

  • Registered Address Use
  • Online Account
  • Free Mail Forwarding
Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Registered Agent

Wyoming Registered Agent provides registered agent service in Wyoming for LLCs, Corporations and other types of Wyoming business entity formations.  Unlike other registered agents in Wyoming, we do not charge an extra incorporation fee.  Our Wyoming LLCs cost $199 and that is the final price.

Wyoming registered agent service for a low price can be obtained online.  The low priced option allows you to stay compliant with the Wyoming Secretary of State Business Division without being a Wyoming resident.  Our registered agent service includes compliance reminders, principal office and mailing address use in Wyoming.  The renewal price for Wyoming registered agent service does not go up the following years, that is a policy to look for.  We look forward to servicing you.


Keith Vogt

Keith T. Vogt

President of Wyoming Registered Agent


Wyoming Registered Agent Company Filings

Wyoming LLC Formation & Filing Service Includes:


The Wyoming Articles of Organization Filed

Wyoming Articles of Organization can be filed online using the Wyoming Registered Agents information.  You should elect to remain private in the public eye.  When someone looks up your company online in the free public database, they will see “Registered Agent” as the Organizer of the Wyoming LLC.  The addresses will show up as the address in Wyoming.


The Wyoming State Issued Certificate of Organization

After the Wyoming Articles of Organization are filed, the state will instantly issue a Certificate of Organization.  We will forward that to you along with all the other important documents for your Wyoming LLC.


Fast Online Filing for LLCs or Corporations

Filings can be done the same day.  Registered agents in Wyoming file orders online the same day they are received.  You will be amazed on how fast you get your incorporation documents back for your Wyoming LLC.  There are a lot of awesome Wyoming registered agents out there and we are the best registered agent in Wyoming.  We aren’t saying that we are number one, but we are the ones that will actually remember your name.


Corporate Resolutions (Ownership Documents)

With a registered agent from Wyoming listed on the LLC, you still need proof you own the LLC.  Have an agent issue you internal documents showing proof.  You will show these to documents to a title company, bank or other organization that wants to see proof that you own the Wyoming LLC.  When you look up a company online, anyone can see the information.  With privacy options of having a Wyoming registered agent file your paperwork, they will show up on the search.  The resolutions will give you proof you are the true owner.


Address Use on Articles, Domains, Registries and Other Listings

You can use a WY registered agents address on multiple directory listings.  The company filed in Wyoming is yours.  The address is yours to use.  Keep your privacy going after the formation process.  Using a registered agent office address as your own registered agent service without permission is unacceptable.  Silly people have tried this, for shame.   Have your Wyoming LLC or Corp filed by a registered agent and keep your privacy intact.  When your agent forms an LLC in Wyoming or a Corporation, you get exactly what you are looking for in Wyoming company incorporation.  the registered agent will make sure your personal information is not on public display along with your new LLC, Non Profit or Corporation.  As a Wyoming registration agent, they will use their resident address for the Principal Office and the Mailing Address in Wyoming to keep you private.  When you form an LLC in Wyoming, you must list an Organizer name.  A good WY registered agent will provide that.  We understand what you are looking for in incorporation.  Go with the agents that we recommend. Read More on LLC Formation

Wyoming LLC $199

Order Wyoming LLC filing service and receive:

Filed Articles of Organization

State Issued Certificate

1st Year Wyoming Registered Agent

Free Wyoming Mail Forwarding

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Wyoming Company Formation

Wyoming Registered Agent will form an LLC or a Corporation for you within minutes online.  Our $199 price is for Wyoming LLCs and Wyoming Corporations.  Just like a Limited Liability Company, our Corporation formation in Wyoming includes everything you need to legally incorporate in Wyoming. Our formation services for Wyoming include the first year of Wyoming registered agent service, free Wyoming mail forwarding to your address, the state fee of $100 paid, the Articles and Certificate.

Yes, for only $199, you get what other registered agents charge as little as $300 for. Make the smart decision and save some money while getting perfect incorporation. Order today and receive free Wyoming mail forwarding!

Wyoming Registered Agent Perks

Free Mail Forwarding Service

Wyoming registered agent service with free mail forwarding from the Wyoming Secretary of State and other sources!  Mail is forwarded to you whether you live in the United States or another country.  There is not a deposit fee for postage.  Make sure you choose a registered agent that has tons of experience and will not mess up your business from running like clock work.  In general, if you receive mail…you are suppose to read it and it is probably important.  Do not let a small time agent fudge up your day.  We will provide excellent mail forwarding service for your Wyoming business. Read More


LLC or Corporation Amendment Filing

If you need an Amendment filed for your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation, as a registered agent, we can do that.  Pay the Wyoming Secretary of State filing fee of $50 for an Amendment filing with the Wyoming Secretary of State for Corporations and LLCs.  A common amendment would be to change the name of a corporation or LLC in Wyoming.  Another amendment clients want filed for a Wyoming Limited Liability Company or Wyoming Corporation is adding a name to public record.


Yearly Wyoming Annual Report Filing

The Wyoming Secretary of State requires an annual report for the Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation to be filed with their office.  They charge a minimum fee of $52 to file the Wyoming annual report online, $50 if you want it sent in the mail by paper filing.  An annual report is a series of financial questions regarding assets located within the state of Wyoming for Corps and LLCs.  Find an agent that will file this annual report with the state on your behalf.  An authorized Wyoming registered agent can make your business life a little easier.  You have a 60 day grace period to file an annual report with the Wyoming Secretary of State.  The annual report due for Wyoming entities is always on the first of the month of the filing month anniversary. https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/AnnualReport.aspx


Full Time Wyoming Registered Agent Support

Full time support.  You better believe full time support matters with Wyoming registered agent service.  If you have a problem, you need them to solve it…better make sure they answer their phone.  Find yourself an agent that has the respect to answer phone calls.  With a full time support staff, you will be covered.  Ask your registered agent if they have multiple employees that can cater to your needs throughout the year, not just at the time of purchase.  We always answer our phone.  Change registered agents to Wyoming Registered Agent.


Certified Mail Scanning

When your Wyoming LLC or Wyoming Corporation receives any certified mail or a POS/SOP (Service of Process), have the agent scan it to your online account immediately.  The whole purpose of Wyoming registered agents is to receive any legal documents for your LLC or Corporation in Wyoming.  Make sure you go with a Wyoming registered agent that will get your documents to you right away to avoid any legal fees or fines.


Yearly Compliance Reminders

The Wyoming Secretary of State charges a $52 minimum fee for the online annual report every year.  Every year when your renewal is up for the state and Wyoming registered agent service, your registered agent will probably send your business multiple notices.  You will receive an email notice that will enable you to pay online with most WY registered agents.